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    Bronx Chamber of Commerce


    Senator Jeff Klein

    Proudly Launch

    Bronx H.I.R.E. Program

    to Combat Bronx Unemployment


  • H.I.R.E.: Opening Doors

    The Bronx Chamber of Commerce and Senator Jeff Klein are proud to announce Bronx H.I.R.E. (Help Identify Real Employment), a new program aimed at connecting Bronx workers with real jobs through a comprehensive, direct approach.

    This program will not only help to ensure that new and existing Bronx businesses and institutions employ Bronx residents, but it will also create a hands on worker development program. Bronx workers can now receive support for additional certifications, help with resumes, interview preparation, application assistance, and extensive follow-up services for positions to which H.I.R.E. participants have applied. The program will be facilitated by the Bronx Chamber of Commerce.

    The H.I.R.E. program consists of two distinct parts. The first part, Bronx H.I.R.E will focus on job fairs, which are designed to allow employers to inform Bronxites about available jobs and how they can apply. We will notify you when and where we have those job fairs as we want to help provide a vehicle to help staff your business.

    The more unique part of the program, however, is the Opening Doors portion.  This program will accept candidates from the Bronx who are willing to go through aptitude testing, participate in resume writing classes, attend interview skill workshops, and receive other workforce development assistance.  In return, we will subsidize the costs incurred by these employees for the certifications and trainings, which they need to succeed at securing a job.  

    The Bronx H.I.R.E. program will partner with new businesses – both big and small - to identify new job openings and connect local residents with human resources managers and owners. Additionally, the Bronx Chamber will join businesses moving into new developments in the Bronx in spearheading local job fairs and “meet and greets,” for applicants and employers to meet in a more focused environment.

    Enrollees in the H.I.R.E. program will work one-on-one with a specialist to determine what potential industries, positions and skill sets fit their profile.  Additional resources necessary for advancement will be assessed and potentially subsidized with the funding provided by Senator Klein.