• Welcome Job Seekers:


    On behalf of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce and Senator Klein, we want to thank you for your interest in becoming a part of theBronx H.I.R.E: Opening Doors program. This program was created to develop the best workforce the Bronx has to offer.

    We will accept candidates from the Bronx who want help developing into the best employee he or she can be.  All applicants must be willing to go through aptitude testing, receive resume writing and interview assistance, and more. In return, we will subsidize the costs incurred for the certifications, trainings, and career training they need to succeed at securing a job. 

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    Please contact, Michelle Dolgow Cristofaro, Chief-of-Staff and H.I.R.E. administrator via email at Michelle@bronxchamber.org or call 718-828-3900 with any further questions.  

    Please email your resume to Michelle@bronxchamber.org or fax it to 718-409-3748.