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    Serve on committees of  The Bronx Chamber of Commerce:


    • Excellent way to network and meet potential new customers
    • Contribute directly to the work of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce
    • Interact with fellow Members to share ideas and common interests
    • Further the Chamber’s objectives for Bronx businesses and the
    • borough through its promotion, support and advocacy initiatives.


    In order to update our Committee List, please return this form at your earliest convenience. Committees serve a vital role by performing specific responsibilities. Leadership and professional attributes are demonstrated on the committee level and superior qualities may lead to a more prestigious position as a member of the Board of Directors.


    Membership/Business Development Committee: The primary goal of the Membership & Business Development Committee (MBD) is the formation of programs that create opportunities for growth and provide support for our members. MBD Committee members consult with the President and the Board in the area of networking, member exposure to consumers, M/WBE Certifications, job fairs, workshops and seminars, directory resources, advocacy and the coordination of business principles within the efforts of other Chamber committees. 


    Events Committee: The Events Committee is responsible for planning the formal Annual Gala, Golf Outing, Holiday Party, and Veterans Luncheon. Awards are presented to distinguished individuals at each event.


    Finance Committee: Finance Committee is responsible for establishing the annual budget for the Board to insure administrative continuity of the Programs and Services sponsored by the association.


    Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee works directly with the Bronx Chamber of Commerce to advocate for improved economic conditions within the borough. This group also works to enhance the interaction between Bronx Chamber Members and public officials. Advocacy has emerged as one of the most significant areas that the Chamber can provide direct services to the full spectrum of businesses in the Bronx. Through advocacy, the committee will shape the way the chamber represents and provides value to members. The committee develops aggressive programming that combines research, as well as government and community relations.


    Young Professionals Committee: The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is charged with developing the Bronx Chamber of Commerce Young Professional programs, implementing the program and helping to disseminate to members. Committee members will be focused on the logistics behind committee initiatives and finding new and exciting ways to engage young entrepreneurs in our membership and the community as a whole.


    Ambassadors Program: The Bronx Chamber Ambassadors are member professionals who donate their time to serve as mentors for the organization. The Ambassadors guide and assist new members so they can get maximum value for their investment. The program enables new members to utilize the many opportunities available for involvement at the Bronx Chamber. 


    H.I.R.E Program Committee: The committee promotes employer and employee education by hosting job fairs, workshops, and speaker series. We support member businesses by adopting the best workplace practices that encourage talent development.


    You are invited to serve on one or more of the Chamber’s committees for 2019.


    Below are Committees I am interested in serving on:


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    Requests to serve on Chamber Committees by members are subject to size limitations, Chairperson and/or President Appointment, etc. I understand that providing the following mailing address, telephone number, and fax number, I consent to receive communications from the organization via U.S. mail, email, telephone and or facsimile.


    Lisa Sorin
    President and CEO
    Bronx Chamber of Commerce

    "The Network for Business Success"
    1200 Waters Place, Suite 106
    Bronx, NY 10461