Servco Industries

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Company Info:
Servco Industries was formed by Charles Cestaro and has grown to be a leading company in the field of office cleaning and general buildings maintenance. For the past 35 years, Servco Industries has aggressively searched for new and innovative ways to improve what once was a non-sophisticated industry. What once was not achievable or only capable with extensive man hours is now done faster and better than ever. This is due to the introduction of state of the art floor care equipment such as propane machines, ride on scrubbers and advance training methods that increase productivity, while reducing employee fatigue.

Servco Industries was one of the first companies, over 20 years ago to introduce high speed floor care services to retail giants like Sears Holding Corp, Kmart, Sports Authority, Waldbaums Supermarkets, Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and FAO Schwartz. Prior to using this equipment, it took four times the labor to clean stores than it does today. With new floor finishes that promote high speed burnishing, you get brilliant longer lasting great looking floors. These companies represent just a few of the corporations that Servco Industries works with today to solve their housekeeping needs.

In order to be a first rate company, you need more understanding than just cleaning. Our company has invested a great deal of time in understanding how the density of space and the composition of its surfaces affect man hours and production rates. It’s a formula that begins with understanding how the space is utilized, and what the traffic patterns are each day. You would not clean an executive’s restroom the same way you would clean the restrooms in a mall or manufacturing plant. Simply put your need to adjust the program and performance expectation based on usage. Production rates change with each specific task and wear pattern. Every estimate is compromised on these simple principles, which all include the degree of utilization. From 1,000 to 1,000,000 square feet, each proposal is custom tailored.

In addition to cleaning services, we also offer Porter Services and Matron Care, Event Clean-up, Emergency and Disaster Recovery, Construction Cleaning, Exterior Grounds Care, Window Cleaning, Elevator Operations and Handyman Services. We are a full service company with the personal touch of a boutique company, but the knowledge and experience of a fortune 500 company.

We are a fully bonded and insured company that cleans millions of square footages each day. We take pride in the services we provide. We are committed to investing in the equipment and knowledge that makes Servco Industries always one step ahead of its competitors.

For 35 years we have been here. That in itself tells the story.

Knowledge, reliability and history are the Servco story.